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Gavin Varejes Starts His Life with Sand, Surf and Sunshine

Born and bred Durbanite Gavin Varejes was one of three boys to pharmacist Dad and teacher Mom. An active young man, Gavin played water polo and was a lifesaver. It was a lifestyle as such and even Sundays were spent at the seashore partaking in lifesaving competitions. When Gavin could be dragged out of the water, he also enjoyed playing rugby and started doing karate when he was 15. After finishing matric, Gavin completed his two year mandatory service in the armed forces with the South African Defence Force and upon his return started studying at Durban University for a teaching diploma. He had a change of heart and changed his studies to a diploma course in marketing. After attaining his qualifications, Gavin Varejes started selling photographic apparatus but trade outside of authorised channels scuppered his success and he moved to Johannesburg in 1981 to find out what the City of Gold had to offer him.

Gavin Varejes - Telecommunications and More

Spending many years away from the seaside in Johannesburg, Gavin Varejes gained priceless experience in business with the variety of areas he worked in. Always returning focus on GSM, he started Richmark with telecommunications in mind. Richmark Holidings was founded by Gavin Varejes in 2000 and focussed on assisting new ventures. One of the first investments was Vocall Cellular (Pty) Ltd; today known as one of Vodacom’s most important Super Dealers. Finely honing their ability to spot winners for over a decade now, Richmark have developed a sixth sense when it comes to investment. They hold a diverse collection of companies and are making good on their promise to assist promising enterprises with becoming leaders in their industry.

Philanthropy and Sport Meet to Make a Difference

Very much known for his humanitarian activities and love for sport, Gavin Varejes started off SARLA and is instrumental in implementing programs like ‘Legends Iqhawe’ to the benefit of youths in focussed areas. ‘Iqhawe’ means hero or champion and it is aimed at teaching kids about AIDS, drugs and giving them valuable life skills. The method of communication is with sport by using some of the top athletes. Children and young adults look up to these guys and place credence in what they have to say, making it a lot easier to ‘reach’ the youths. This, and substantial fundraising for a range of good causes is attained through SARLA that started off as something similar to the Globetrotters but evolved into so much more with facilitation of outreach programs and large scale charity events.

Gavin Varejes, the Family Man

Gavin Varejes and his wife Jo-Ann love seafood and entertaining. They met more than 20 years ago in Hyde Park at a coffee shop and got happily married. They have two children; Trent and Caily. Gavin has a wealth of sporting and other collectibles on display in his Sandton office, one particular item being the very pen with which Nelson Mandela signed the interim Constitution back in 1993 and also two personalised first edition copies of Madiba’s autobiography; ‘A Long Walk to Freedom’  


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